The Round House Hostel

Attractions and recreational activities.

Attractions and recreational activities.

Hike in Rio Dulce Izabal from The RoundHouse

Leisure activities at Round House Hostel

From attractions and trips to lodging and even customizable vacation packages, you are sure to find what you want for your voyage of a lifetime!

There is never a dull moment at the Round House Hostel, there is always something to do or not.

It depends entirely on you, but if you are ready to leave the hammock all alone, see below the leisure activities that we have for you:

  • Snorkel in the Belize keys, two options available.
  • Hike in the jungle either day or night.
  • Full moon kayak tours around the river.
  • Hike to El Mirador ( Rio Dulce Canyon).
  • Visit the hot springs ( Natural Caves).
  • Hike tour to the Cueva del Tigre ( The Tiger Cave ).
  • Trip to 7 Altares Playa Blanca ( Seven altars white beach).
  • Series of freshwater cascades where crystal-blue ponds tempt you to take a swim.
  • Visit Livingston.
  • Visit the bat caves.
  • The Round House Hostel can help you manage all sorts of events and activities.
  • Garífuna culinary art.
  • Traditional Garífuna cultural dances.

The Roundhouse Hostel Rio Dulce Guatemala

The Roundhouse is a hostel with family-style dinners. It is found right on the beautiful Rio Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala. Swim, hike, kayak, sunbathe, or relax in a hammock and watch the river life. We’ve got a fabulous book exchange and enough hammocks to read and enjoy. Or if you’re up for a drink: there is also a well-stocked (Tequila!) bar.

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