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Our cleaning and safety standards
The safety of our guests and the entire team that makes up the Finca Tatin Hotel & Round House family is the highest priority we have. Throughout our history, one of the greatest strengths that clients have valued as such, are the levels of attention and services that characterize us during their arrival.
 Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 and following the guidelines established by both the World Health Organization and the Government of GUATEMALA, we have carried out a series of additional measures to reinforce our cleaning and disinfection processes.
Among these, the following are worth highlighting: We implement a series of protocols for the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19, which highlights the identification of needs, the implementation of methods and systems, the adaptation of infrastructure. In addition, we develop protocols for risk management and the management of possible emergencies. We only use detergents and disinfectants duly approved for the control of COVID-19 and disinfection methods recommended by the main health, protection, and biosafety agencies.
Every person who enters the hotel must comply with the following processes: * Go through the Disinfectant Mat. In case of carrying suitcases with wheels, they must be rolled on the mat. * You must wear a mask. In case of not having it, we will supply you with one. * Undergo temperature control. If someone has flu symptoms or fever symptoms greater than or equal to 38 °C. You will need to undergo a health assessment.
Updating COVID-19 customers * In the case of guests who enter for check-in. They must sign a document certifying that they are in good health, and give notice to the hotel management within fifteen (15) days of the date of their check-out if you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus.
* We streamline the check in and check out processes, to ensure that the guest takes as little time as possible to enter their cabin. * To expedite check-in, we have designed strategies so that the processes that by regulations require the guest’s personal attention, are carried out in designated common areas. * During entering the room, it can be assessed, with the keys previously disinfected before giving them to the guest. * In the case of check out, we have online payment platforms or bank deposits so that the guest can cancel their outstanding balance before leaving the hotel. Similarly, all invoices will be sent by email.
* The common areas and operations areas of our hotels are, cleaned and disinfected daily. In addition, a general spray disinfection is performed, at least once a day (Areas with greater movement are, disinfected twice each day) * All frequent contact points in public areas such as. Door handles, counters, tables, railings, etc. they are cleaned daily and disinfected continuously throughout the day. * We live entirely in an outdoor area, we ask all our visitors to respect the distance between people. * We have reconfigured the restaurant layout for better guest convenience to ensure safe distances are, maintained between guests, customers, and workers. * We have limited the capacity of the hotel to 50% for the peace of mind of our guests. * In all public toilets there are soap dispensers, we have suspended the use of common towels for hand drying and because we are an ecological hotel we avoid the use of disposable paper, we hope your due understanding. * In all areas of the hotels, duly approved hand sanitizers are available with their respective hand sanitization instructions.
* The apartments were subjected to a review process, in which all those elements that could represent risks for the transmission of the virus were removed. * The rooms are clean, disinfected and are not occupied for 24 hours after use.
* At the moment, we will only offer services determined with the prior approval of the guest during making your reservation. We are implementing so that all orders are delivered on previously sanitized dishes, glasses, and utensils. * When you finish using cutlery, plates, and glasses will be deposited in a container with chlorine and disinfectant. * There are protocols for kitchen, restaurant, and room service personnel to wash and disinfect their hands every time they serve food or touch related items. All food production processes, are carried out under strict food safety measures.
* We adapt the service areas for employees to guarantee that they can fully comply with biosafety protocols. * When entering their work, a temperature control is made to all employees and throughout the day random checks are made.
* All staff received training on prevention measures, mainly regarding handwashing, social distancing and the use of protective elements. Both at work, at home and when traveling between the two places.
* All personnel have the appropriate personal protection elements for the work they carry out (masks, gloves, etc.). In the same way, they are duly trained in the use, handling, and replacement of these implements, to guarantee optimal hygiene.
* All supplies, supplies, and materials are properly disinfected before being admitted to the hotel facilities. * Any supplier entering must undergo temperature control and disinfection procedures.
* If a visitor or employee with a possible suspicion of contagion, we have established procedures for their isolation in a safe area to provide immediate medical assistance. * If detecting someone with a positive sign of COVID-19, there is a protocol for monitoring and cross-checking information to identify possible contacts and areas where said person may have been. Likewise, there are disinfection procedures for all potential contagion danger areas. * We have developed processes to verify compliance with protocols and procedures, for this purpose, we appoint a Safety and Hygiene Manager. These are some measures we have taken to minimize risks at both hotels. Although this represents a fundamental change in the customs and ways of relating to guests, all our effort is aimed at replacing the personalized attention that has always characterized us, with personalized service that more than meets their expectations. This means that guests can continue to enjoy a tailor-made experience in a safer environment, where we intend to satisfy all their needs by limiting the physical approach, but always maintaining permanent contact and a timely and discreet service. The entire Finca Tatin and Round House team is committed to taking comprehensive care of our guests and clients, they are the reason for being of this Great Tatin Family.